Your family means everything to you

Family is our most valuable asset. The fragile balance of relations between generations needs to be protected from the vagaries of life.
Before the time comes for donations and preparing your estate, consolidate the foundations of your family support with an efficient organisation of your wealth.

Are you married and starting up an independent business? Separate your professional assets from your private wealth. Are you bound by a civil solidarity pact (PACS)? Make a will or your partner will be excluded from your estate. Do you live with your partner? When buying your main residence, choose the purchase method best suited to your situation: undivided co-ownership, SCI, cross-partition of property interests or tontine.

Attentive to your needs, in complete confidentiality

The notaries of the Monassier Group members, true family law practitioners, are at your disposal in complete confidentiality, whatever your situation and objectives. They will present the tools at your disposal to protect your family, to benefit some without penalising others and to anticipate the consequences of a family breakdown. Together with you, they will deploy tailored solutions so that your will is respected and your interests safeguarded in all circumstances: illness, accident, separation, death or dependency.

The couple's wealth

Over the years, the scope of your private life may change, which will have an impact on your assets. Whether single or in a relationship, either in simple cohabitation or in a civil partnership, married or divorced, separated or remarried, with or...

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Transfer of assets

Planning ahead, you want to ensure that your wishes are respected. This is the only way to reduce the risk of family conflicts and lower the tax burden for your heirs and legatees. Protecting your spouse, rewarding a family member or association, leaving...

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Risk of dependency

It is now, while you are in full control of your faculties, that you must plan your future according to your wishes. Remain living at home for as long as possible, even in the event of loss of autonomy; choose the person you wish to represent you before doctors...

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