Our teams can support you plan how you organise your wealth

The world is moving increasingly fast due to the economic climate, legislative changes and tax reforms. This unstable environment constantly requires you to update your strategy in order to leverage on the latest regulatory and tax measures and find new performance drivers.

Notaries and staff within the Monassier Group are independent from financial companies and are here to assist you in your approach, setting out the avenues available to you in accordance with legal and tax doctrine.

Our teams can support you plan how you organise your wealth, making the right choices at the right time, using the best tools to preserve your assets and protect your loved ones.


Innovative, tailor-made and scalable solutions

Real estate investment, retirement savings, transfer strategy, spouse protection, tax optimisation: whatever your objective, we offer you innovative, tailor-made and scalable solutions. From wealth assessments to tax assistance and investment advice, we bring your projects to life.

Wealth strategy consulting

With more than 20 years of experience, the Monassier Group knows that wealth is accumulated over the long term and on solid foundations.   It must be diversified, based on a global and tailored approach, take into account your family and...

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Transfert of assets

Planning ahead, you want to ensure that your wishes are respected. This is the only way to reduce the risk of family conflicts and lower the tax burden for your heirs and legatees. Protecting your spouse, rewarding a family member or association, leaving...

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Real property investments

In an uncertain economic and financial environment, real estate is a safe haven. And for good reason.   In France, rental investment is the cornerstone of many people’s wealth. Real estate is a tangible asset that generates regular income and offers...

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