Groupe Monassier

The leading notarial network in France

750 legal experts on hand to help you

The Groupe Monassier currently encompasses over 33 notarial practices with more than 180 notaries and 750 auxiliary staff operating throughout France and overseas.

We provide an expert notarial service by harnessing the skills and know-how of all our members.
The Group provides a forum for legal discussion, training, legal monitoring and research. These services are reserved exclusively for network members and ensure that their legal knowledge is always up-to-date and their practice satisfies the most recent requirements. Our high-quality service is further bolstered by the Group’s commitment to ISO 9001 certification.

The Group prides itself on its ability to provide all its clients – whether private individuals or companies – with comprehensive legal and tax assistance in all fields of law, including inheritance, matrimonial property regimes, divorce, real property, town planning and construction, tax and company law and wealth planning.

Close partners worldwide

To cater to its international client base, the Groupe Monassier has established a network that reaches right across the globe. Partnerships have been concluded with highly regarded notaries and solicitors in many countries across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Swiss, Israel, United Arab Emirates, China, Cameroon, Morocco, Senegal, Madagascar, Togo and United States.
The Group is now continuing its expansion, with new partners in the Americas and Asia.

Ensuring client satisfaction

Notaries are ministerial officers, who represent the state. We are proud of our role and aware of our responsibilities.
The Groupe Monassier has shaped its identity by combining the values inherent in notarial work with a total commitment to client satisfaction. This means listening, ensuring swift response times and tailor-made advice, constantly striving for excellence, and above all providing a quality service.

We are also independent professionals and business owners.
By combining modern management practices with the values inherent in our public vocation, we provide  an efficient service, in line with our clients’ expectations.

No compromise on quality

All members of the Groupe Monassier adhere to strict standards covering quality control, professional ethics, recruitment and training. Working methods and management have all been harmonised to provide a comprehensive service for both companies and individuals.

The notaries of the Groupe Monassier broke new ground when, in the late 1990s, they embarked on a mission to bring corporate culture and quality control, borrowed from industry, to a profession that had long been sheltered. All our established practices now boast ISO 9001 certification, and our fledgling members are in the process of acquiring it.

Quality is constantly being monitored, with the Groupe Monassier Quality Control Manager ensuring that all practices are in compliance at all times. ISO certification is renewed every three years under the supervision of an independent third party.

Our resources

The Groupe Monassier provides its members with a full range of services, so they can deal with the ever-increasing complexity of regulations and effectively meet clients’ needs.

Legal resources

The Group’s Research Centre houses an exhaustive collection of legal documents accessible to all its members.

To ensure that notaries and their ancillary staff’s legal knowledge is always up-to-date, the Research Centre sends out daily notices, a monthly newsletter, analyses of reforms, and conducts consultations.

Top specialists in the network form hubs of expertise to deliver swift solutions to recent legal reforms, and provide our other notaries with the resources they need to implement them.

Five study groups – real property, family law, business, wealth planning, and international affairs – allow members to pool knowledge and exchange ideas.

Training offered throughout the year means members keep abreast of the latest developments in law and management practices.

The Group shares the fruits of its studies on the network’s extranet, giving all its notaries and ancillary staff the chance to benefit from them.

Quality control and strategy support

Our Quality Control Manager provides support to the Group’s practices during ISO 9001 certification and renewal, ensuring their success.

The Groupe Monassier also offers its notaries business support , namely with regard to management and strategic planning.

Practical resources

The Groupe Monassier gives members access to :

  • the Group’s registered office, located at 25 rue La Boëtie, in the 8th district of Paris, for occasional client meetings ;
  • a domiciliation service at the same address, which may be used by member practices’ client companies ;
  • videoconferencing equipment and Wi-Fi ;
  • a central purchasing department to pool costs.


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