Corporate real estate

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, notaries and staff within the Monassier Group members have developed specific expertise for their institutional clients and cutting-edge engineering designed to support them at each stage of the implementation of their projects.

Urban planning, development operations, building rights, co-ownership, promotion, outsourcing, financing, leasing and real estate portfolio management (as main or underlying assets) are all complex real estate projects that form the everyday life of public and private operators.

Practical, tailored and innovative solutions

From auditing needs to drafting deeds (acquisitions, sales, construction leases, real estate development contracts and public-private partnerships) via consulting and the negotiation of agreements, our Practice dedicates its professionalism to the real estate strategies of French and foreign investors, financial institutions, local authorities and public and private developers.

We can design practical and innovative solutions tailored to the specific characteristics of each project.

Experience in complex operations

We owe this very high level of quality first and foremost to our notaries and their specialised staff, who have extensive experience in complex arrangements. We also owe it to our ISO 9001 Quality approach, which guarantees professionals and individuals standardised, structured, controlled analysis and drafting procedures geared towards client satisfaction.

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