Transfert of assets

Planning ahead, you want to ensure that your wishes are respected. This is the only way to reduce the risk of family conflicts and lower the tax burden for your heirs and legatees.

Protecting your spouse, rewarding a family member or association, leaving your company in the hands of a family member, guaranteeing the future of a disabled child: planning ahead remains the best way of ensuring the successful transfer of your assets.

Solutions secure from any future challenge

The law provides you with numerous tools to organise and reduce the impact of inheritance tax: inter vivos gifts, life insurance, partition of property interests (transfer of bare ownership while reserving usufruct), wills, estate agreements, property holding companies (SCI), tontines, trusts and “Dutreil” agreements.

Knowing about them and how to use them wisely so that they are secure from any future challenges is one aspect of the Monassier Group’s recognised expertise. The notaries and staff of Monassier Group members master estate engineering to perfection. After conducting a wealth assessment, they will show you, as fully independent advisors, the various options best suited to your family context.

The right advice at every stage

Advice, drafting, recording of deeds, follow-up, adaptation: we support you at every stage in the estate planning process. As true guardians of your wealth, we give you the keys to enable you to understand the existing tools, ensuring a smooth and tax-reduced transfer.

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