International wealth management

Whether you live and work on a border, are an expat, future retiree, the parent of children studying or working abroad or an investor wishing to branch out from the offer of investments in your home country, there is no shortage of reasons to open up your wealth to the world.

And rightly so, for the range of opportunities is as broad as it is complex: from residential properties in foreign capitals to foreign-owned equity funds, civil law fiduciary operations and Anglo-Saxon trusts.

Unknown local practices

Do you want to extend the geographical scope of your investments? Important: European harmonisation is still a long way from achieving the desired fluidity with regard to the internationalisation of your wealth, especially when you are exploring other continents (Africa, Asia, United States, Middle East, etc.). The frenzy that sometimes engulfs our own Parliament has little impact on changes in legislative and fiscal rules abroad, not to mention banking practices and civil procedures for the transfer of goods excessively different from practices in France.

Guarantee of solid support

For over 20 years, the Monassier Group has built up a network of correspondents in Europe and around the globe. In conjunction with our notaries and staff, our partners abroad can advise you in how to develop your wealth and secure your international strategies.

Without strong local support, you may find yourself involved in a transaction that, although attractive in terms of wealth, is unstable in legal terms, whether due to the registration of your property right or the validity of your tax status.

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