International real estate acquisition

There is no shortage of real estate investment opportunities, in Europe or elsewhere. Are you drawn by attractive returns, a more flexible rental environment and, sometimes, lower prices than those in your home country?

A pied-à-terre in New York, a rental investment in Berlin, a professional transfer to London, a plot of land in Spain, offices in Berlin, a retirement home on a sunny island, etc. Not to mention here in France, where our regions are full of properties loved by non-residents.

Latin law or Anglo-Saxon traditions ?

Important : don’t neglect the legal and tax context of the countries in which you intend to invest or establish yourself.

Any international acquisition requires particular attention to distinguish between countries subject to Latin law or Anglo-Saxon traditions, with or without a network of public officers to secure transactions and property rights, with or without tax treaties, etc. Not to mention the complexity of managing a rental or co-ownership relationship remotely within a different legal framework from your own.

Formalise a viable and secure project

The partners of the international network that the Monassier Group has been putting together for more than 20 years have been selected for their competence and the quality of the professionals with whom they work. The notaries and staff of the Monassier Group members will help you to formally define your project, compile your documents and bring the project to a successful conclusion. In conjunction with our local correspondent, they will analyse the seriousness of the parties involved and the viability of your project, in order to make your operation as secure as possible.


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