Real estate of public authorities

Who better to support a local authority in the purchase or sale of a property asset than a notary ? Whether the project concerns an over-the-counter sale, the exercising of a right of pre-emption or the creation of a land reserve, the notary renders it secure.

Because Monassier Group practices preside over the conclusion of sales and leases between public authorities and private individuals, they are the natural point of contact for local authorities implementing such contracts.

Our notaries and staff are at their disposal to help their teams choose the contract best suited to the planned project: construction of housing, revitalisation of the town centre, development operations, etc.

Intermunicipality and mergers of municipalities

The latest legislative reforms relating to intermunicipality, including the status of “new municipality” and “metropole”, have an impact on the assets of local authorities. They require them to carry out an inventory of their assets to enable their safe provision and transfer of ownership.

The Group’s practices are able to support public authorities and their teams in this process and to draw up the report on the provision and/or transfer of ownership.

New possibilities offered by the CG3P and the CGCT

We also study the most appropriate transfer procedures: over-the-counter sale by tender and sealed tender, rental with a purchase option, sale with reservation of ownership, sale in a future state of completion (VEFA), etc.

We provide our expertise in the new transfer, exchange and reclassification procedures resulting from the General Public Property Code (CGPPP or CG3P), which supplements certain aspects of the General Local Authorities Code (CGCT).

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