Cross-border and bi-national marriages

More than two million French people live abroad, where they sometimes marry. One in seven French people marries someone of a different nationality, according to the National Institute for Demographic Studies.

Travelling forms young people, brings people and cultures together and gives many young people their first professional experience. How many couples do you know that have met, fallen in love and started a family in this way?

Key questions for the future

Alongside the joy of these happy events, don’t be afraid to ask them some basic questions for the future. Have you signed a marriage contract? Do you know the legal regime of your future adopted country?

Our notaries, in collaboration with our correspondents abroad, are able to answer all your questions and alert you to the precautions to be taken in the face of certain specific local considerations. Our specialised staff assist the future spouses in drafting their marriage contract, an essential form of security to avoid any automatic change in marital status when moving from one country to another.

Leave nothing to chance

With its international network in Europe, Africa, the United States and the Middle East, the Monassier Group knows all the intricacies of the formation – and dissolution – of matrimonial ties in different parts of the world. Nothing should be left to chance: protection of children, ownership of property within the couple, inheritance rights, etc., particularly as new European regulations on matrimonial property regimes and registered partnerships have just come into force.

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