Taxation of the manager's wealth

As a company director, you can choose the least heavily taxed methods of remuneration and use legal tax exemption mechanisms to give your company the means to grow.

For example, do you know that contributing to the capital increase of a young company (less than 5 years old), including your own, entitles you to a tax reduction?

Indirect remuneration tools

By working alongside professionals for more than 20 years, the Monassier Group has developed efficient models to optimise your assets from a tax point of view: Madelin pension plan, payment of employee-shareholding and profit-sharing sums into a company savings plan or intercompany collective retirement savings plan, etc. These are all indirect remuneration tools that our notaries and staff will help you to implement.

Building a tax strategy

After an audit of your personal situation and a wealth assessment, we examine with you strategies to limit or even eliminate the burden of the wealth tax (ISF). By signing a commitment to retain shares, in addition to the automatic exemption with regard to professional property, you can benefit from a partial exemption on company shares held elsewhere.

Backed by our international network of partners, we provide day-to-day support to entrepreneurs holding assets in France and abroad and grappling with tax issues.

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