Real property investments

In an uncertain economic and financial environment, real estate is a safe haven. And for good reason.


In France, rental investment is the cornerstone of many people’s wealth. Real estate is a tangible asset that generates regular income and offers the prospect of long-term capital gains. It can also be used to house your children or pass your assets on to them via a property holding company (SCI).


Tax advantages to be handled with care

Real property also provides tax exemption, supported by numerous long-term instruments (deduction of real estate losses from global income, provisions under the Malraux Act or regarding historical monuments) and temporary schemes (Pinel Act). In addition to residential real estate, woods, forests and agricultural groups offer lower profitability but can help to reduce the amount of your solidarity tax on wealth and optimise your estate planning strategy.

Aside from the tax advantages, real estate remains a very long-term investment. In this respect, any investment must meet certain location, quality and market criteria. The notaries and staff of Monassier Group members have long been established in your region and have in-depth knowledge of local markets. They know how to guide you in all your purchasing, sales and rental management operations.


High-potential investment

Each situation requires a tailored response to ensure that any property investment realizes its full potential. We therefore help you optimise your investment according to the cap on your tax benefits and discuss with you the advisability of a family SCI or a separation of property interests.

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