Town planning and development

Creating a new neighbourhood, renovating an island in the city centre, rebranding an industrial wasteland, giving the city a new economic boost: these are just some of the challenges that public players face in implementing their housing policy.

There is no shortage of regional planning tools and their combination requires a high level of technical expertise in a restricted area and compliance with new environmental standards.

Specialisation in complex real estate

Drawing on our experience in complex real estate, our specialisation in contract law and our practice in such procedures acquired over more than 20 years within the Monassier Group, our Practice supports public authorities in their approach to decision-making.

Once the objectives have been established by the competent authority, we will together define the procedures most conducive to their achievement: division of volumes, transfer of land in exchange for the handing over of premises, urban planning authorisations, purchases and sales of real estate, etc.

Project support in collaborative mode

Our involvement may extend to the choice of the entity necessary for the implementation of the project: local mixed economy company (SEML), single operation mixed economy company (Semop), public rental company (SPL), etc.

We support the teams in close collaboration with all those involved in the operation: urban planning departments, developers, surveyors, lawyers, notaries, architects, town planners, etc.

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