Risk of dependency

It is now, while you are in full control of your faculties, that you must plan your future according to your wishes.

Remain living at home for as long as possible, even in the event of loss of autonomy; choose the person you wish to represent you before doctors if your state of health no longer enables you to do so; plan to whom to entrust the management of your assets in the event of temporary or irreversible disability; or state your opposition to any aggressive treatment, etc.

So that others do not decide for you

Talking to the notaries and staff Monassier Group members will in no way precipitate the inevitable. Taking stock today will enable you to make your arrangements and prevent others from making decisions for you and imposing choices you would not approve of. We will refer you to the procedures enabling you to plan for your end of life in the best conditions. These tools, which are often not well known, are called: a “mandate for future protection”, a “mandate with posthumous effect”, “advance directives” and a “trusted person”. We are very familiar with these various instruments and can offer you tailor-made solutions which you can put in place now to organise your own protection, to ensure that your interests and routines are preserved, even in very old age.

Close and independent support

Our notaries and staff act with complete independence and will advise you how to combine these schemes with collective or individual welfare policies to help you plan financially: temporary-death-invalidity-incapacity, long-term care insurance and personal injury cover. We also assist you in difficult times when, faced with the dependency of a close relative, you must put in place assistance measures: family member guardianship (habilitation familiale), judicial protection (sauvegarde de justice), limited guardianship (curatelle) and guardianship (tutelle). We will direct you to the most appropriate graduated response to defend your parent’s interests.

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