Business transfers

Whatever the context, the question of the transfer of your business will have consequences from both a wealth and tax perspective.


The wrong response can have serious repercussions: the future of the business compromised, a prospective successor being ousted by your heirs, a tax adjustment, etc.

Ideally, in a family-owned company, the transition between generations should take place during the manager’s lifetime. Occasionally, however, this can happen prematurely, suddenly, as a result of an illness or accident. In the absence of specific provisions, such an event can threaten the survival of the company.

Our shared goal: make your business sustainable

Making family businesses sustainable is one of the missions that the Monassier Group has set itself since its creation more than 20 years ago. To pass on your business according to your wishes, the notaries and staff of Monassier Group members build with you strategies to transfer your company under in the best possible conditions. We assist you in drawing up a “Dutreil” agreement, drafting deeds for inter vivos gifts and pre-sale donations, requesting a deferral or stay of taxation on capital gains, splitting or deferral of payment of gift or inheritance tax, drawing up a lease-management contract, providing for transfer to a child, etc.

High-precision techniques

Transferring a company is a delicate business. It requires high-precision techniques with which we are familiar: commercial, industrial, tertiary, agricultural, forestry and wine-growing businesses; the trading and transfer of estates, etc.

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