Real estate negotiation and appraisal

Buying at a fair value and selling at the best price remain the key to any real estate transaction and give you a solid basis for achieving the capital gains you expect from your investment.

The cost of bringing the rental property into your portfolio is the determining factor in the balance of your investment.

First, to secure the rents necessary for its financial equilibrium.

Then, when the transaction is unwound, to quickly complete the sale and limit the time spent on negotiating the price, particularly where you are involved in a buy/sell transaction.

Certified real estate expertise

Who better to support you in this dual approach than the notaries and staff of the Monassier Group members? The real estate expertise of the Monassier Group to which we belong is certified Notexpert by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat and has European RevTEGoVA certification (Recognised European Valuer of the European Group of Valuer’s Associations).

This label is a major advantage, as certification of expertise by an approved body is now an obligation for residential real estate where subject to a bank loan with a mortgage.

Applicable references before the courts

We also have access to the notarial economic information database. This lists all transactions, which enables us to provide you with detailed knowledge of the state of the market.

The professional approach of our specialised staff provides a secure framework for property appraisals that you may be required to present to the court in the context of the sale of a property of a person under guardianship, for example. Or to protect you against a challenge from the tax authorities, for your wealth tax return or the calculation of gift or inheritance tax.

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