Local authorities

The expertise of a notarial network established everywhere
Local authorities are faced with a set of specific rules whose entanglement makes it increasingly complex to implement the operations required to develop their regions.

The Monassier Group, a notarial network with pooled expertise, has been supporting local authorities in all their projects for more than 20 years, thanks to its regional network and local roots.

Our expertise, ensuring the success of your project

Whether the project concerns a transfer of property between local authorities, a construction programme, public procurement, the establishment of a public-private partnership or support in the search for funding, the notaries and staff of our Practice have the necessary expertise and the support of the Group’s pooled services.

The consultants of the Monassier Group’s Research Centre (CEDRE) are available exclusively to notaries and staff of our members. They draw up reasoned briefs to inform our clients’ choices.

We are ISO 9001 certified and have been supporting local authorities for a long time. We advise them on the duration of all the projects they may need to carry out.

Town planning and development

Creating a new neighbourhood, renovating an island in the city centre, rebranding an industrial wasteland, giving the city a new economic boost: these are just some of the challenges that public players face in implementing their housing policy. There is...

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Real estate of public authorities

Who better to support a local authority in the purchase or sale of a property asset than a notary ? Whether the project concerns an over-the-counter sale, the exercising of a right of pre-emption or the creation of a land reserve, the notary renders...

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Public contract law

The latest legislative reforms promoting the valuation of public authorities’ assets have changed the contract law applicable to them. Legislation and case law are changing many aspects of the law, impacting the valuation of assets: the French Public...

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Social housing

Local authorities and social landlords now have diverse and complex tools to achieve their housing objectives: anti-speculative clauses, real solidarity leases, long-term leases, etc. Public limited companies and social housing offices, local authorities...

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