Wealth strategy consulting

Your financial partners

With more than 20 years of experience, the Monassier Group knows that wealth is accumulated over the long term and on solid foundations.


It must be diversified, based on a global and tailored approach, take into account your family and professional situation (remarriage, cohabitation, independent profession) and meet your objectives (savings, retirement, transfer).


What was true yesterday is not necessarily true today

Life insurance has long been a favourite investment of the French, but is suffering the effects of lower returns and a shifting regulatory environment. Falling interest rates are making financial investments sluggish, the stock market remains nervous and international markets are experiencing a period of uncertainty. In these turbulent times, so-called “atypical” investments are flourishing, promising attractive returns. This is an illusion, however, given the significant risk of losing all or part of your capital in them or getting involved with a company whose solvency is uncertain.


Your financial partners

Our notaries and staff include qualified wealth experts who can advise you on your approach. After a wealth assessment, they determine with you the best strategy to achieve your goals. Depending on your investor profile, your investment horizon and your expectations, we can assist you in trading in your assets, possibly combined with tax optimisation solutions.


As true partners in your finances, we prepare your tax returns (private income, income from assets and wealth tax). Where applicable, our commitment to you can extend to helping you defend your interests by bringing ad hoc litigation, in particular in the event of a dispute with the tax authorities.

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