Real property

The best advice for your property transactions

Real estate investment has recently been marked by an accumulation of reforms and major fiscal instability. Now more than ever, the support of a legal and registration professional to secure your real estate projects is necessary. He or she alone can guarantee the successful completion of your transaction.
Strengthening the rights of tenants (residential and commercial leases), in-depth review of urban planning rules, increased obligations in terms of co-ownership, constant changes to taxation: all these new provisions weigh on your real estate investment decisions.

Support from a multidisciplinary team

From assessing assets to drafting deeds and day-to-day management, our multidisciplinary teams provide you with a comprehensive service. Purchases, sales, rentals, investments, expertise, rental management and complex operations: whether you are a private individual or a public or private professional, notaries and staff of the Monassier Group members can accompany you, from auditing your needs to the final completion of your operation, in France and abroad, thanks to the support of the international network of Monassier Group correspondents.

Corporate real estate

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, notaries and staff within the Monassier Group members have developed specific expertise for their institutional clients and cutting-edge engineering designed to support them at each stage of the implementation of...

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Rental management and building management

Lack of time, distance and inexperience, as well as legislative inflation through which it is difficult to see clearly. It is no coincidence that many investors have chosen to delegate the management of their rental properties to us. We guarantee peace of mind...

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Real estate negotiation and appraisal

Buying at a fair value and selling at the best price remain the key to any real estate transaction and give you a solid basis for achieving the capital gains you expect from your investment. The cost of bringing the rental property into your portfolio is...

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Private real property

As an informed manager, you see real property as an essential asset for your private wealth.   The acquisition of your main residence is an important moment in your life. Your property portfolio does not stop there; you would also like to negotiate a...

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