Private real property

As an informed manager, you see real property as an essential asset for your private wealth.


The acquisition of your main residence is an important moment in your life. Your property portfolio does not stop there; you would also like to negotiate a building plot, acquire your business premises, set up a property development operation or invest in rental properties.

It is also worth diversifying the methods by which you own these assets: property holding company, partition of property interests or even joint ownership.

The three stages of investment

Whether you want to negotiate a property, buy it or have it built, delegate its rental management, prepare its transfer or initiate a tax exemption operation, we place our practices’ expertise at your disposal to ensure the success of your project. Our multidisciplinary team supports you at every stage of your operation.

We can value your property and put you in touch with a buyer or seller. Our website and the partnerships we have formed enable us to ensure the widest possible distribution of your ads, providing you with a unique showcase to find a buyer.

We can assist you in the negotiations and draft the related deeds (sale contract, mortgage guarantee, lease, co-ownership of a building, co-ownership formation or dissolution).
We can advise you and develop tailored tax and wealth optimisation schemes with you.

Safety for long-term investment

As specialists in real estate transactions, experts in the local market, professionals with experience in negotiation techniques and public officers familiar with the latest regulatory developments, we defend your interests by securing the successful completion of your transactions. An essential guarantee of peace and continuity for an investment that is, by nature, intended for the long term.

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