The internationalisation of exchanges is a feature of your family, your company and your investments.

This openness to the world provides tremendous opportunities to render your assets more dynamic. It also presents risks, starting with those stemming from conflicts of regulations (including within the European Union) and practices unknown in France.

Offering a secure pathway

Your children may go abroad to study, sometimes staying for a few years and even starting a family. You may be diversifying your assets with real estate investments in Europe, funds in Luxembourg, etc.
For over 20 years, the Monassier Group has been building up a network of correspondents around the globe in order to offer its clients a secure pathway. We now have around 15 partners in Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In your private life and for your investments

The notaries and staff of Monassier Group members are able to provide concrete solutions to the transnational problems you encounter, whether regarding your private life (children getting married, expatriation, inheritance), your investments or any other question you may have about your wealth strategy.

International estates

Every year, more than 450,000 “international” estates are opened in Europe; nearly one in ten. Tomorrow it may be yours. This trend is necessarily increasing, in a world in which trade, investment and travel take little stock of borders.
When the time...

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Cross-border and bi-national marriages

More than two million French people live abroad, where they sometimes marry. One in seven French people marries someone of a different nationality, according to the National Institute for Demographic Studies. Travelling forms young people, brings people...

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International real estate acquisition

There is no shortage of real estate investment opportunities, in Europe or elsewhere. Are you drawn by attractive returns, a more flexible rental environment and, sometimes, lower prices than those in your home country? A pied-à-terre in New York, a...

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International wealth management

Whether you live and work on a border, are an expat, future retiree, the parent of children studying or working abroad or an investor wishing to branch out from the offer of investments in your home country, there is no shortage of reasons to open up your...

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