The couple's wealth

Over the years, the scope of your private life may change, which will have an impact on your assets.

Whether single or in a relationship, either in simple cohabitation or in a civil partnership, married or divorced, separated or remarried, with or without children, at the head of a reconstituted family or adoptive parents: whatever the event, it requires checking or even adapting your matrimonial regime, your civil partnership agreement, your will and even the beneficiary clauses of your life insurance policies.

Don’t let fate decide for you

Seek information from the notaries and staff of the Monassier Group members. They will guide you to make the most of the solutions provided for by law, as well as their corresponding tax implications. In order to protect your interests, protect your loved ones and shelter your assets in all circumstances, we will present you with stable and tailored legal frameworks that are right for you. For example, by amending your civil partnership agreement, by opting for the contract that best applies to your way of life before your (re)marriage or, subsequently, by changing your matrimonial regime, by making a gift to your surviving spouse or by establishing a will.

Strengths and risks of each matrimonial regime

Lost in the profusion of new laws? With the support of the Monassier Group, notaries and staff will inform you of the advantages and risks of each status. By pointing out, for example, that only married couples benefit from the dual protection offered by the widow’s pension and the life-long right to remain in the main residence. Or by insisting on the benefits of making a declaration of non-seizability if you are an individual entrepreneur and have private property assets (secondary residence or rental properties).

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