Social housing

Local authorities and social landlords now have diverse and complex tools to achieve their housing objectives: anti-speculative clauses, real solidarity leases, long-term leases, etc.

Public limited companies and social housing offices, local authorities and community land trusts (organismes fonciers solidaires) are all concerned by local housing policies and the need to organise social and functional diversity in neighbourhoods.

Local authorities and social landlords are each involved in providing access to housing for people with modest income.

Pooling skills

The involvement of a notary to guarantee the rights of the community or organisation is necessary for the successful completion of the project.

The notaries and staff of the Monassier Group members manage sales by private individuals, social housing organisations and municipalities on a daily basis: specific deeds of transfer of land or buildings as part of a social policy to promote home ownership, control of the sale procedure to tenants, etc.

Two new housing tools: BIS and BRS

Two new tools – real estate leasing (BRI) and real solidarity leasing (BRS) – make it possible to separate land from buildings. They give local authorities the means to control the price of housing acquired under home ownership schemes, through the creation of a new, very long-term lease.

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